Ain Al Madhab Gardens :

Ain Al Madhab Park Located in Madhab area near the foothills of mighty Hajjar Mountains surrounding the emirate. It is a great outdoor park area complete with the ruins of Fujairah Fort and an outdoor theatre the name of Heritage Village.

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Al Aqah Beach :

About 45 kilometers north of Fujairah City, Al Aqah beach, dominated by the rocky outcrop of “Snoopy Island” just offshore, is the emirate of Fujairah’s top beach resort. This slither of coast, sitting on the Gulf of Oman, offers the United Arab Emirate’s best opportunities for scuba diving and snorkeling and is a must-do for underwater enthusiasts.

The scatter of hotels that line the shore are all set up for water activities, with diving operators and plenty of other water sports on offer, but don’t worry if you just want to laze on the beach, this strip of sand has everything you want for an easygoing day of sunbathing.

Al Bidya Mosque :

Al Bidya Mosque is situated about 31 kilometers north of Fujairah on the coastal road to Dibba. The mosque is considered one of the magnifi¬cent historical places. This is a favorite destination with tourists and visitors. Also known as the Ottoman Mosque is the oldest known mosque in the UAE, dating back to the 15th Century.

Renowned for its unique architectural design, the roof of the mosque has four squat, helical domes that are supported by only one centrally placed pillar that also forms the ceiling. Entrance to the mosque is through double-winged wooden doors.

Al Muntazah Park:

This park is exclusively for women and children. It’s located opposite to the gold market.​​

Friday Market at Masafi:

Masafi is a village located on the edge of the Hajar Mountains in Fujairah. The name Masafi is Arabic for pure water and is well known for its natural springs. The Masafi Friday Market or Souq al Juma, as it is known locally is open sevendays a week, not just Friday. This is a street market found on the Dubai-Fujairah highway. The main items to bargain for are rugs, earthenware, antiques and souvenirs. This is a great place to buy carpets, mats, etc. The market offers a wide range of products like fruits, vegetables, plants, toys, musical instruments, furniture and carpets. It is also famous for handcrafted rugs and antiques. Locally made pottery. Several nurseries in the market sell bedding plants and trees

Fujairah Corniche:

Stretching along the coast, Fujairah Corniche (waterfront) provides the residents and visitors a place to relax, socialize, exercise and be at ease. It is usually bustling with people and activities during the cooler months.​

Fujairah Fort:

Fujairah Fort is located in the northwest side of the old Fujairah village. It is characterized by unique engineering designs, and is the largest and most important fort in the region. The fort was built between 1500 – 1550 AD, and then re-built be¬tween1650-1700 AD and is considered the oldest Fort in the UAE. The fort is made of rocks, mortar, mud and plaster, and is shored up by mangrove poles. Its roof is made of palm fronds and trunks. It covers an area of 610 square meters, and features circular watch towers, one each facing the sea, the town and the mountains – and one main, square-shaped tower, known as a Murabaa. Each tower reaches more than 2.5 meters above the top of the walls. It had served as a home for the ruling family.

Fujairah Museum:

The museum is centrally located in the city of Fujairah, only five minutes away from Fujairah International Airport. The museum is home to magnificent collection of antiquities that take you back centuries in time. The heritage section of the museum includes instruments, tools and implements, used by the people of Fujairah in the past. The museum also displays a representation of daily life style of the people of Fujairah described in folklore.

Heritage Village:

Heritage village is located in the Madhab District of Fujairah City. It houses models of traditional homes, hand-held implements, tools and household instruments used in ancient times by the people of Fujairah. It is surrounded by a high wall topped by watch towers in the front. It is one of the favorite desti¬nations of tourists and visitors.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque:

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is one of Fujairah’s most prominent new landmarks. Set amid fountains and palm-dotted gardens on a large property in the heart of Fujairah city, the mosque can accommodate 32 thousand worshippers, making it the second largest mosque in the country. The mosque’s exterior has been constructed of stone, while the building boasts an interior of marble and granite. Six minarets rise 100 meters above 65 cascading domes.